Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel oil, an extraction of the kernel (seed) of the tree is mainly composed of fatty triglycerides. Palm kernel oil is used in several products like soaps, cosmetics and detergents as well as in margarine, creamers, shortening, chocolate and ice creams. Scientifically called Elaeis guineensis jaq, the fruit of the oil palm tree produces two distinct types of oils, while crude palm oil is extracted from the mesocarp, Palm kernel oil is obtained from the seed or the kernel. These oils are physically and chemically different from each other though both are basically made up of triglycerides. Palm oil contains high proportion of palmitic acid while palm kernel oil is rich in lauric and myristic acids.

Oil palm fruits are harvested in fresh fruit bunches and sent to palm oil mill; the fruits are sterilized over there and crushed to obtain crude palm oil. This oil which contains both oil-soluble and -insoluble non-triglycerides impurities goes through a purification process to get rid of impurities like fruit fibres, nut shells and free moisture. The nut shells are removed in the later stage and these are processed to separate kernels and the shells. The products at the end of the milling process are crude palm oil and palm kernels.

There have been significant uses for palm kernel oil and palm oil in the global fats and oils industry today as they have lots of health benefits over others. The greatest benefit of palm oil is it is cholesterol free. While harmful cholesterol is keeping people away from animal-based fats like butter, the cholesterol-free nature of palm oil is making it a healthier and better option than others. Palm kernel oil on the other hand having different composition of fatty acids which is quite similar to that of coconut oil comes with a higher level of saturated fat.

Today crude palm kernel oil is a preferred option for making Ice cream, Margarine, Chocolate and confectionery products and Soap and detergent. Fractionated palm kernel oil is great as chocolate coating on candy as it prevents bars from melting.

RBD Palm Kernel Oil which is extracted, refined and bleached from Palm kernel is yellowish in colour in normal temperature and used widely in the production of Margarines, ice creams etc. Organic palm kernel oil is a great source of tocotrienol, vitamin E and highly rich in vitamin K and dietary magnesium. In various soaps, lotions, and personal care items palm kernel oil is extensively used. Palm kernel oil being rich in vitamin K is good for enhancing bone health and blood coagulation factor.

Palm kernel oil composition ensures its long shelf life and this is a better alternative for commercially fried products like potato chips, doughnuts, french fries and ramen noodles because it has the ability to resist oxidation under high temperatures.

As butter Palm kernel oil is excellent with caramel fragrance. It is rich, unique and nutty. The medium and short chain length glycerides of Palm kernel oil is just the same as those present in butterfat and this is the reason that it ensures the right melting characteristics and mouth feel. This edible plant oil comes with smooth texture, wonderful light brown colour and gets blended beautifully with red palm oil.

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